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October 27 2015

A Primer On Pier And Beam Foundation Repair
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No homeowner would like to hear that his or her home has developed foundation problems. Foundation issues have a very well-deserved reputation for being very expensive and troublesome to correct. When it comes to pier and beam foundation repair many owners aren't even mindful of how the process works. The data below should prove enlightening and need rest. foundation repair contractor austin

The Pier And Beam Foundation -- How it is, Why It's Used

Pier and beam foundations are less frequent than they once were, nevertheless they still have their uses. A pier and beam strategy is a "deep" foundation contrary to a "shallow" foundation as being a slab-on-grade or a spread-footing foundation. In the pier and beam house, the body weight of the home is distributed with the floor beams to some series of piers. These are heavy vertical posts (traditionally made of cedar) which run deep to the earth and distribute your house load to a much wider area.

This kind of foundation is perfect for dealing with poor soil conditions that make a shallow foundation unfeasible. Pier and beam foundations also usually produce a home with an extensive crawl space involving the ground floor and the soil. This space is ideal for wiring, plumbing, and storage.

Issues that Require Pier And Beam Foundation Repair

Unfortunately, the same sorts of problematic soil problems that usually necessitate a pier and beam foundation will even damage that foundation over time. As the home's weight concentrates into the relatively narrow cross-sections from the piers, they place a tremendous force on the soil. Over a long enough timeline pier and beam homes actually sink into the soil because of this tightly-focused pressure -- a phenomenon generally known as subsidence.

In more extreme cases, your residences' piers may be sinking at uneven rates. This subjects the structure overhead to severe stress also it can cause cracks to seem in interior and exterior walls along with ceilings. This type of concern is normally caused by uneven weight distribution, differing soil conditions beneath different piers, or even a drainage fault that is channeling moisture within the house.

Traditional And Modern Repair Techniques

The standard method for fixing a problem with a pier and beam foundation is called shoring. This involves leveling out any discrepancies within the level of the beams that have developed and then minimizing the strain on the existing piers by adding new ones. These additional piers boost the total surface area offered to take the house's weight and relieve some of the pressure for the soil.

Modern construction techniques give a more advanced alternative to shoring - strengthening the inspiration by installing a sonotube. That is construction industry shorthand; what's actually involved is replacing your residences' timber piers with concrete columns. (Sonotube will be the trademark name for the top brand of circular concrete forms.) This method is more expensive and difficult than shoring, but it is often the only way to salvage a pier and beam foundation that's severely damaged.

Fixing harm to a pier and beam foundation is usually a delicate process. It requires some real professional knowledge of order to ensure that all of the foundation's issues are resolved in a permanent manner. For this reason homeowners should find foundation contractors with plenty of pier and beam experience to assist them to. foundation repair contractor austin

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